New PTC sites under 3-6 months old.

The following ate the PTC sites which are under 3-6 months old. So at this stage we cannot predict whether it is genuine or not. Even though we cannot predict its true worth ,  I am posting these sites here, because some of these or all of these sites may be very legit one. So it is not advisable to avoid these sites since it is very new.

( If any of these sites listed turns to be scam, I will immediately remove it, so that you can save your time )

Just click on the Banners to join the PTC programs:


This site is a new ptc that has been launched.  They pay you 0.01 cents per click. The minimum amount to withdraw is 2$. No of ads daily is 4. Payment can be withdraw  to your ALERTPAY or PAYPAL


Minimum Payout  :   2$                                         Pay per click  : upto 0.02/click

Payout method     :  Alertpay, Paypal, Liberty Reserve


Minimum  Payout : $2    Payment Method  :  Alertpay, Liberty Reserve